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What is wellness tourism? 

Wellness tourism is the type of tourism that seeks to maintain, manage and improve health & wellbeing. It is a proactive way to prevent diseases caused by stress or poor lifestyle habits. It is not just about looking good, but most importantly, it is about feeling good.

In our fast-paced lives, usually, there is not much time for relaxation on daily basis. Our work, family and overall responsibilities do not leave us many opportunities to fulfil the life we would like to live but the one we must live. This situation, if prolonged for a long term, could end up causing serious health problems.

What could we do to avoid our employees feel anxious, stressed and overloaded? You may not be able to reduce the amount of work or the stress of your employees’ position. However, you can balance workload with a wellness trip to Andalusia. Wellness tourism could consist of an entire trip devoted to wellbeing, or it could be part of a larger event such as an incentive trip -have you ever heard the concept of bleisure: business & leisure?

Investing in the health and wellbeing of your employees pays off.

What are the advantages for a company to invest in wellness tourism in Andalusia?

First and foremost, wellness tourism reduces lengthy sicknesses caused by stress or mental health issues derived from the job.

People sometimes break down. When the pressure is too high for a prolonged time, chances are, it will happen sooner or later. It can easily be avoided by releasing the pressure in the form of a getaway. Finding a replacement for that exceptional high working individual could be more costly than that well-deserved and highly appreciated incentive trip. 

In many cases, employees are looking to continue their wellness lifestyle after travelling. This lifestyle may encompass healthy eating, exercise/fitness routines, mind-body practices, or nature experiences, which, again, means a stronger workforce.

Wellness tourism in Andalusia is a winning choice, not only for our outstanding weather all year round (sunlight promotes good mood) but because of our experience and assets; Andalusia ranked in the 5th position when it came to wellness tourism worldwide in 2018.

What kind of wellness activities could we arrange for you at Meridional Events? 

There is a wide range of spas and thermal retreats in Andalusia with specific areas and treatments dedicated to your wellbeing. 

We also offer many other supplementary wellbeing activities linked to:

  • our local culture, where you can enjoy one of our many hammams located in historical buildings in the heart of the main Andalusian cities.
  • natural assets, so you can enjoy one of our many natural spas.
  • food, where you can taste our worldwide renowned healthy Mediterranean diet.

Alternatively, we also offer spa breaks in Andalusia, which could also be part of your corporate event during your time off.

Andalusia has it all, including 7 thermal baths -with medicinal waters- and more than 25 high-end spas.

Would you like to experience more? Let Meridional Events entice you with a wellness trip to Andalusia. Relaxing and letting go has never been easier -just contact us! 

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We will gladly arrange all your required services for unforgettable wellness tourism in Andalusia, from the moment you land until the moment you depart. 

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