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Welcome to Meridional Events, where international experience meets local expertise to create extraordinary corporate events

Our story

Meet the Team Behind Your Next Unforgettable Event

How it all started

Imagine a place where the sun always shines, the culture is rich, and the possibilities for extraordinary events are endless. That’s Andalusia for us. After spending over a decade mastering the art of event planning across Europe, we knew Andalusia was the perfect backdrop for world-class MICE events. From that moment, Meridional Events was born, with a vision to become the gold standard in event organisation throughout Spain.

Unique selling proposition

  1. From Procrastination to Perfection: from the ‘mañana-mañana’ mindset into efficiency, top-notch results and innovative solutions.
  2. Precision Meets Passion: Engineer’s planning, German work ethic & Spanish local insights combined for unparalleled event success.
  3. Trust, Not Just Talk: Our reputation and client testimonials speak louder than words. We deliver on promises, not just make them.


Your success is our mission. We mean it.

We strive for excellence in every event, ensuring your corporate gatherings are nothing short of spectacular.


We’re not just planning events; we’re setting the gold standard for event organisation thanks to our know-how and highly trained and dedicated team of experts. We aim to forge alliances with both clients and suppliers in the long term.


Our values are the pillars of our success: kindness, professionalism, respect, and open communication. These aren’t just words to us; they’re the principles that make us one of the most trusted event management companies in Spain.

Who are we



· Rubén M.Cenzano

· Rubén M.Cenzano

Director of Operations

From the engineering fields of Burgos & Edinburgh to the vibrant event spaces of Andalusia, Rubén brings a unique blend of precision and creativity to event planning


I come from Burgos, a great little city located in the North of Spain, where I also completed my degree in Public Works Engineering.

I then moved to Scotland, where I earned my Masters in Civil and Transportation Engineering and became a Chartered Civil Engineer (CEng MICE).

After 10 years working as an engineer, including a transfer to Italy, I decided I wanted a career change – although Transport Planning is thrilling, I decided that was not what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

I always found Tourism and Event Management was something I could do for a living, so after moving to the South of Spain, I enrolled for a Masters in MICE management and discovered a passionate world that I also enjoy.


· Carolina Marina

· Carolina Marina

Director of Global Support

Carolina’s passion for tourism has taken her around the world, from London to Dubai. Now, she brings her global perspective and quality control expertise to Meridional Events


I was born in Spain, where I was raised with a curious spirit that made me graduate in Tourism Management. This background helped me travelling the world and work in tourism, an industry I am passionate about.

I have lived in several countries and cities such as London, Edinburgh, Berlin, Dubai, Munich or Hamburg. Besides Spanish, I also speak English and German.

I have primarily worked in corporate and commercial fields, many of them focused on aviation. My background also includes positions in the operations department, where I developed my skills as a Quality Control Manager in a multinational tourism company operating in 10+ countries in Europe. I supervised that the services provided met the required quality standards.


· Pepe

· Pepe




In the buzzing office of Meridional Events, a whiskered intern named Pepe found his purrpose. With a swift paw-tap, he’d “meow-out” proposals, turning words into oppurrtunities.

Coffee brewing? He is the cat-puccino master!

Though a kitten at heart, Pepe is wise beyond his nine lives, fluent in both “meow-nologue” and human chatter. Before this, he was a tag-playing furball, chasing anything that moved.

Our little Picatso is a rising star in a fur-midable world!


· Maximilian

· Maximilian



Hola, my name is Max! I am the current intern at Meridional Events and usually live in Germany. Thanks to my Bachelor’s in Tourism and Event Management, I have the opportunity to spend almost 6 months abroad and luckily am here in Málaga now.

One of my favourite tasks during my work days is to be sure that all the tasks are done in time and manner as I also like to be creative.

I enjoy our office environment and often assist my colleagues as my main goal is to support them to the MAX!


Additional Resources


My role in invoicing and financial oversight is pivotal. I ensure financial health while exploring exciting new destinations for our clients. My keen eye for detail guarantees precision in finances, contributing to the creation of memorable, cost-effective events in Spain’s stunning regions.


I lead marketing, shaping our corporate image and visuals. My focus is on crafting compelling narratives and eye-catching designs that resonate with our audience, highlighting our expertise in creating exceptional MICE events across Spain’s vibrant cities and scenic landscapes.