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Scientific tourism is a type of trip that combines tourism with science. It is part of the so-called STEM tourism (STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Scientific tourism in Spain is on the rise and at Meridional Events, we include it within the special interest groups or as part of an incentive trip for every company interested in scientific tourism in Andalusia.

Your STEM tourism trip to Spain will allow you to discover the secrets of marine life, understand the maths hidden behind our rich heritage, or enjoy the best network of astronomical observatories in Europe, among the many possibilities offered by Scientific Tourism in Spain.

Many of these activities take place in natural environments, so the privileged Andalusian climate is another reason to come to Spain for scientific tourism.

In Meridional Events, we have a distinct liking for STEM tourism in Spain, given the STEM profile of our Director of Operations. More than ever, you can rest assured that your scientific tourism in Andalusia will have been tailor-made for your needs and with the utmost of our attention.

These STEM experiences can be part of your corporate trip to Andalusia, or they can be the main reason for your trip. We propose ten suggestive scientific routes through Andalusia that can serve as a thread for an unbeatable scientific experience:

  1. Biology Route: botanical gardens and guided tours with a varied offer to learn about the wildlife of Andalusia.
  2. Experiments Route: get closer to science in a fun way through workshops and activities.
  3. Astronomy Route: Andalusia offers a wide and varied range of options for observation, as well as having a large number of Starlight certifications.
  4. Aquarium Route: discover the secrets of the marine world without having to get wet.
  5. Agriculture Route: Andalusia has a great agricultural heritage and crops, from the most traditional to the latest technology.
  6. Mathematical Route: discover the relationship between mathematics and art, an exciting initiative to discover Andalusia’s heritage.
  7. Geological Route: you will find a large number of routes, museums and interpretation centres that will bring you closer to geology.
  8. Science and Art Route: discover the relationship between science and art is possible in Andalusia.
  9. Science Museum Route: discover science in a fun way in the museums and centres that offer educational activities.
  10. Industrial and Technological Route: discover the science and technology on which industry is based is a booming tourist option that we have already talked about in Meridional Events in our post about industrial tourism in Seville.

Scientific tourism in Andalusia is ideal due to the large network of scientific and dissemination centres as well as a large group of scientists and communicators who are passionate about science. Do not miss the opportunity to get to visit them.

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Do not hesitate to contact Meridional Events to organise your next event related to science tourism or STEM tourism in Spain. We will be happy to suggest a catalogue of activities that will allow you to combine science and tourism and that will surprise even the most enthusiastic of your delegates.

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