Business Meetings

Our Business Meetings are tailor-made and unique for each client.

At Meridional Events DMC, we organise a wide range of corporate meetings, including the ones below. Do you have different needs? Let’s talk!

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Examples of Business Meetings we organise

Annual meeting

  The perfect meeting for analysing and presenting results, draw conclusions and set goals for the year ahead, whether it is for the board of directors, a department or for the whole company.

Internal product launch

  Ideal for companies that need to launch a new product or service. Also, to train staff for a particular purpose or to introduce teams to new working methods.

Executive retreat

  The perfect scenario for discussing, debating, discovering and taking decisions. Get to increase the productivity and promote creativity, outside the hustle and bustle of the office.

Conflict resolution

  When things are not working, it is better to face them than letting them go. Suitable for teams with clashing ideas or even deep issues that have not resolved over time.

Strategy & innovation

  Let the brainstorming begin. Perfect for rebrandings, adding new sides to your business or even changing the whole strategy of the company.

Other requirements

  Let us know your needs. We will help create the most suitable business meeting according to your needs, regardless of its size or type.

Our Services for Corporate Meetings

Venue selection

It is not just about hiring a room (choosing and booking the one that suits you better). It is also the AV system(s), hostess(es), guest speakers and any other services you might need.


We offer a wide range of services, including coffee breaks, working lunches and lunch/dinner at local restaurants. We also organise gala dinners, including exclusive venue hires, arrangements, entertainment and more.

Transfers & accommodation

We carefully select the accommodation that will meet your needs, including services such as private check-in, welcome drinks or courtesy gifts. Once you land, we will keep you in the move in safe and comfortable vehicles, regardless of the group size.


24h during your event. Previously, and on top of the services stated, we also help you managing excursions, admissions & activities.

Spain, but where?

Main Destinations for Business Meetings

Sunshine increases serotonin, which is associated with boosting mood and helping a person feel calm and focused. Make the most of your Corporate Meeting benefiting from the 3,318 h/year of Andalusian sunshine.

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