We are passionate about incentives, creating tailor-made experiences for each client; get amazed with our creativity! You choose. At Meridional Events DMC, we design a wide range of incentive programmes where you set the limits.

Unique experiences

Examples of Incentives we organise


  Are you looking for Corporate Social Responsibility activities for your incentive travel? From reforestation to river cleaning, there is a large list of activities that will help give back to the community. It is the perfect addition to any event, that will also add a bonding feeling for your team.


  Andalusia has a wide range of cities and towns worth discovering. From Seville and Granada’s historic city centres to Malaga and Marbella’s lively seaside atmosphere. Do enjoy your free time in a leisured and relaxed way, while you sip a cocktail in a fashionable rooftop terrace.


  With more than 320 sunny days, Andalusia is the European sports paradise where you can ski in the morning and surf in the evening. Such climatic variety allows enjoying almost any sport: football, golf, beach volley, canoeing or horse riding to state just a few.


  Andalusia is home to 13 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, impressive Cathedrals, important art galleries and museums such as Pompidou, Picasso, Thyssen and the Russian Museum of St Petersburg. Enjoy culture at its best.

Sector related

  Would you like to align your incentive trip with your company field of work? We organise site visits and activities in line with the area of expertise of every business. Pharmaceutical, banking, IT, agricultural, and many more.

Other requirements

  Let us know your needs. We will help create the most suitable programme for your incentive travel according to your needs, regardless of its size or type.

Our Services for Incentive Trips

Activity selection

We carefully choose the most suitable activities for your incentive event, including CSR, team building and field visits. Also, city tours, food and wine tastings, not to mention helping you to experience the Andalusian way of life.


We offer a wide range of services, including coffee breaks, working lunches and lunch/dinner at local restaurants. We also organise gala dinners, including exclusive venue hires, arrangements, entertainment and more.

Transfers & accommodation

We carefully select the accommodation that will meet your needs, including services such as private check-in, welcome drinks or courtesy gifts. Once you land, we will keep you in the move in safe and comfortable vehicles, regardless of the group size.


24h during your incentive. Previously, and on top of the services stated, we also help you managing excursions, admissions & activities.

Spain, but where?

Main Destinations for Incentives

Rain can be inspiring and cold weather can be enjoyable, but let’s be honest, they are far from being ideal for an incentive programme. Andalusian warm and sunny weather promotes good vibes and friendliness, creating unforgettable memories. Make the most of your incentive benefiting from more than 320 sunny days/year.

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