Seville, the sports destination in 2021

At Meridional Events, we have written several times about Seville and its endless possibilities as a sports destination. Sports within your incentive travel, conference or event sports events. Seville has it all to be the sports destination in 2021.

The Eurocup 2020, postponed due to the health crisis, is about to start in June 2021. Bilbao was originally chosen as the Spanish host city, but due to several problems due to the pandemic, a few weeks ago (22 April), Seville replaced Bilbao as Euro 2020 host city. 

Seville impressed the UEFA with its capacity for organising such a big event in less than two months. The tournament will make four stops in Seville:

  • Monday 14 June 2021
  • Saturday 19 June 2021
  • Wednesday 23 June 2021
  • Sunday 27 June 2021

To understand why the city of Seville can organise large international events in a short timeframe, there must be noted two main factors where Seville stands out:

But football in Seville is more than the Eurocup. It is about two rival teams (Sevilla and Betis), and a city with three main stadiums. Seville is chosen by many football teams during their winter breaks due to its excellent training venues and warm weather during the winter months.

Probably football is the most popular sport in Seville, but it is not the only one. Running is also very popular, being many events scheduled for this year 2021, where some of the main ones include:

  • Night race Guadalquivir KH7
  • Triatlón Ciudad de Sevilla
  • Half Marathon Sevilla EDP
  • Half Triatlon Sevilla
  • Marathon Ciudad de Sevilla

Besides football and running, Sevilla is also an important hub for water sports, including rowing and canoeing. One of the most surprising but representative pictures of Seville is that one where rowers at Guadalquivir river cross below the Triana Bridge, one of the many iconic bridges of Seville:

Triana Bridge with rowers, Seville

Seville is a cyclist-friendly city, home of the largest bike lane network in Spain. The current cycle lane network exceeds the 200 km milestone, and there is a planned extension of another 75 km in the coming months. We cannot forget the efforts done in Seville to be a pedestrian-friendly city, where many areas of Seville’s centre are pedestrian and the city having more than a 20% of green spaces in the city.

And talking about sports, it is not just about practising them but also about awards ceremonies and conferencing.

Seville has been the host city for the Laureus World Sports Awards 2021, where Rafael Nadal, Naomi Osaka, the Bayern Munich football team, Lewis Hamilton and Mo Salah, amongst others, were awarded. Seville was the chosen destination because it captures the essence of Spanish culture, art and passion. Its striking beauty and fascinating history make it a unique city and a World Heritage Site.

And, what do we mean by sports and conferencing? Seville is about to organise the first edition of the Sports and Physical Activity Congress “Ciudad de Sevilla”. This event is scheduled to run as an annual meeting, and it will be the prelude to the 25th congress of the European College of Sport Science, which will meet in FIBES Seville in 2022. This congress will gather 3,000 researchers and experts in Sports Sciences from fifty countries.

As you can see, Seville is ready to host all your sports-related events. From sports events to conferences or incentive trips, Seville is your sports destination.

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