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Madrid ranks amongst the most desirable capitals to enjoy life in Europe, being named several years as the best congress destination in Europe. Experience it yourself by hosting your corporate event in Madrid.

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Meridional Events is your Destination Management Company (DMC) when it comes to plan, organise and manage corporate events in Madrid. We are an event management agency specialised in:

in Madrid

Whether you are searching for team-building activities, a strategy for Corporate Social Responsibility, the improvement of team bonding, or the facilitation of enjoyable experiences within a corporate setting, our services are designed to support your success.

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Business Meetings
in Madrid

Utilizing our extensive familiarity with Madrid, we can organize a wide range of elements for you – from intimate venues to expert speakers – all aimed at assisting you in accomplishing your objectives, no matter the nature of the corporate gathering you are planning.

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Team Gatherings
in Madrid

Ignite your team’s potential with dynamic corporate team gatherings, your structured events bringing together employees to foster teamwork, communication, and morale. Through activities and interactions, it cultivates unity and strengthens relationships within the company.

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Meeting Rooms at Madrid’s main Convention and Congress Centre (IFEMA)

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Madrid at a glance

Madrid, a vibrant gem at the heart of Spain, exudes a captivating blend of tradition and innovation. As the nation’s dynamic capital, Madrid radiates a magnetic allure that embraces its historical roots and avant-garde passion. Distinguished as a global epicentre, the city’s cultural scene brims with iconic museums and institutions, such as the Prado Museum, showcasing centuries of artistic brilliance.

Renowned for its architectural grandeur, Madrid’s streets are adorned with a fusion of styles, reflecting a captivating interplay between the past and the present, hosting hundreds of international conferences and symposiums every year.

Experience the tapestry of Madrid, a city that pulsates with rich history, artistic fervour, a forward-looking spirit, charming cafes, bustling markets, and lively festivals, making it an unmissable destination for those seeking an immersive journey into Spain’s cultural and cosmopolitan soul.

Madrid, distinct for its vibrant cultural fusion, uniquely offers a dynamic blend of historic charm and modern innovation, setting it apart from other European capitals.

From Madrid to Heaven!

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Corporate Events Madrid – DMC Madrid

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Corporate Event Management Madrid

Meridional Events is a DMC in Madrid. As a DMC (Destination Management Company), Meridional Events is an inbound agency Madrid, specialised in MICE Events in Madrid & MICE services. The main activity of Meridional Events DMC Madrid consists of the planning and management of Business Tourism services, which are part of the Meetings Industry.

We offer our services mainly to companies, organisations, associations, institutions, sports entities, public entities, public-private entities, and other interest groups. Contact us if you think we can help with your corporate event management Madrid DMC.

Meridional Events - DMC in Madrid

Meridional Events DMC Madrid operates as a receptive agency, incoming agency or just a Destination Management Company Madrid DMC. In any case, Meridional Events is the leading DMC for MICE services in Madrid. We are an event management company in Madrid focused on providing you with the highest standards when it comes to managing corporate events in Madrid. Meridional Events is the most innovative and original event planner to help you succeed in your next business event, regardless of its budget and purpose.

Do you wonder what airport do you fly into for Madrid? Madrid airport (MAD) is just 20 minutes to the city. It is the fifth most-busiest airport in Europe with more than 50 million passengers/year.

MICE Events Madrid

We are experts in corporate event organising in Madrid. We organise all type of business events in Madrid, whether it is a conference, seminar, corporate meeting, training workshop, opening, etc. We cover all the needs of companies in the field of corporate events and corporate event management Madrid.

We also take care of organising incentive trips, team building activities as well as the planning, organisation, and management of special interest groups. Meridional Events is your reliable DMC in Madrid for MICE events.

Meridional Events, inbound agency Madrid

We are an inbound agency Madrid specialised in MICE & Corporate services: incentive travel, business meetings, conferences, congresses and other business events, team building (including Social Corporate Responsibility / SCR) and special interest groups.

Meridional Events, your incoming agency Madrid DMC. Let us take care of the corporate event management Madrid!