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Carolina Marina, Director of Global Support at Meridional Events, sewing face masks during the pandemic


At Meridional Events, we have already explained what CSR is and how to implement it as part of your Corporate Event in Andalusia.

Although it was originally thought of as a way to help society or contribute to a greater good, it also affects the brand image of companies, hence its latest growing relevance.

What does Meridional Events do to be socially responsible?

Meridional Events is a digital company

We are a digital company, so we minimise using paper whenever possible by storing everything in the cloud. This way, we also have everything available whenever we are “on the way”. But it is not just paper, it is also minimising the use of plastic and energy (we endeavour to use low-consumption devices and lighting).

Meridional Events adheres to the car-sharing economy

We use the car-sharing model to minimise our impact whenever we have to travel. As the nature of our job is to meet suppliers and customers in whichever corner of Andalusia they are, we travel a lot. Using public transport is not always possible as we have tight schedules to meet or remote venues to visit. So we decided to offer the empty seats of the company car to other travellers that are going to the same destination. This way, the use of the car is maximised and our environmental impact minimised.

Meridional Events is a proud bicycle user

When we are in cities with a public bike system, we aim to use them. We got used to moving by bike when we lived in Germany and the UK, so cycling is our natural way to get to work, and we are eager cyclists anyway, so why not do it in Spain too? Luckily most cities count on safe bike lanes, so in a matter of minutes, you can move in-between places that you would not reach by your car or too far to go on foot (we even talked about Seville as a cyclist-friendly city).

Furthermore, counting with a Transportation Engineer in the team means it is part of his professional life to optimise how we move in the city and between cities.

Meridional Events commitment with CSR during the pandemic

During this pandemic, loads of things have changed in our lives. As soon as it started, we were unprepared, and there were not enough materials to help those in need. Many cities, groups and associations organised themselves in whichever way they could. At Meridional Events, our business came to a complete halt. We used this time to improve procedures and speed up internal processes, but we were also eager to help others if we could. We just needed to find something suitable. And we did. In a matter of days, one of our team members started collaborating with ACOJE (the association of small businesses of the city centre of Jerez de la Frontera) that required volunteers to sew masks. This week all the effort has been acknowledged in a small acknowledgement act. It has taken place in Jerez to recognise all the groups and companies that took part in this process. It was a pleasure to collaborate with them, and we would do it again if it was necessary. 

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Work towards your CSR goals in Andalusia with Meridional Events

We aim to help our customers with their Social Corporate Responsibility duties. There are countless ways to contribute and many causes that need our attention. It can be part of your team building activities in an incentive trip. Some of the activities we offer are creating, fabricating and delivering toys for children in need, reforestation (indoor or outdoor), making bikes for children or cooking for groups that depend on social assistance to have food. On top of that, we can organise a charity dinner to collect funds for a special cause that your company may want to be involved with or is related to.

Would you like to know more about achieving CSR goals in your incentive trip to Spain? Get in touch with us, and we will design a bespoke, socially responsible event for you. You will contribute to the greater good by making your employees proud of it, an ideal win-win scenario!

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