The added value of a DMC

A DMC always cares for the result of your event


What is the added value of a DMC? 

After giving you tips and hints about new destinations and activities, explain the services we offer, from business meetings to conferences or Gala Dinners, now it is time to talk about why should you hire a professional DMC like Meridional Events for your next corporate event –we also detailed what is a DMC.

Meridional Events is your best source for local knowledge

Let’s start with local knowledge. Checking websites to read reviews from random strangers whose standards may not be our corporate customer’s ones, is not always a good option. Corporate travellers needs are not the same as the ones of a family or a romantic getaway. You do not want to end up in a restaurant full of kids or teenagers watching loud videos, which is not what you were looking for. When you hire a local expert such as Meridional Events, this does not happen as we know and do understand your needs. We will only take you to business standards places, avoiding all these pitfalls. Nowadays, everyone has the right to comment, but would you trust everyone’s opinion, or would you rather go for our professional and unbiased advice? The options are endless. If you want to choose the right one, you will need a local expert. 

Meridional Events helps you overcome language barriers

Language skills. It is not always easy to communicate with others in your own language, let alone in a different one. Things get even more complicated when customers and suppliers have to speak in English as it is the only language they have in common, none of them being natives. And we are not only talking about the language itself but also about the cultural understanding and needs. At Meridional Events, given our international background, we can help you avoid all these misunderstandings that the lack of communication or language skills could provoke. If you want to hire a local expert with an international mindset, look no further: you have found us. After a decade of living mainly in the UK and Germany (among other countries), we became fluent in both languages and cultures, understanding your needs. We work with our suppliers to ensure these are fully met.

Meridional Events offers you 24/7 onsite support

24/7 onsite support*. Our duties do not finish when everything is set and prepared. We want to ensure you get the best of your corporate event. We take care of all the ins & outs, logistics and last-minute changes, and we are there with you for that. From the minute you land until we wave you goodbye you can rely on us and focus on your event while we ensure everything runs smoothly. We are the familiar face that keeps an eye on the group’s welfare, the one to turn for that local advice about a specific topic and the helping hand when you need to buy something that you forgot / lost / broke. A last-minute change of plans? We also have you covered, always ready for the unexpected, with backup options in mind. We are well prepared and organised, yet flexible to accommodate your needs.

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Are you ready to enjoy your next corporate event by leaving it in our professional hands while you take care of your business? Whether it is an incentive trip, a business meeting or a conference, you can now focus on it. Contact Meridional Events with your idea, and we will work together to ensure you have a bespoke experience that will leave a great remembrance.

*Terms and conditions apply. Ask us for further details or check our specific section including our terms and conditions.

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