The upcoming future of MICE

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The International Association of Conference Centres (IACC) has recently published a report “that combines research and insights into the top issues facing the global meetings and conference industry”. It explains the new trends and challenges of the meeting rooms of the future (when we say future, we say 2019!); the upcoming future of MICE.

High-speed internet might sound like a cliché but, how many times have you been in a congress, meeting or conference where the speed of the internet was way too slow? The same concept does apply to hotels, mainly to those who advertise themselves as business hotels. It is an important challenge to face, that can tip the scales between two different venues. In an era where everyone is connected, the internet is the key to this communication and connection, even between attendees, encouraging interpersonal relationships and, why not, future business.

Another aspect to bear in mind is the added value of the experience. It might have been fine to attend a conference or a meeting in a big hotel room, then go for lunch and that’s it. But not anymore. The wow factor is now encouraged and looked for, the more impact, the better. It is proven that an attendee/employee will adhere and be much more receptive the more added value there is on an event. Sometimes it’s even about the experience itself rather than what is told, mainly in technological events.

Also, the traditional theatre/classroom set up is slowly changing. The goal is, again, encourage interpersonal relationships and the interaction of the speaker(s) and attendees and create a different atmosphere, where everyone is invited to participate. Versatile spaces, that change as the event goes by are sought-after.

These are some of the changes that PCO’s, DMC’s, hoteliers and Conference Centres need to embrace and start to apply as soon as possible.

In addition to this, at Meridional Events we firmly believe that the future of the MICE and corporate events’ sector has more aspects to consider, and that is the reason why we talk about it weekly. These aspects start from the premises of knowing how to set goals for your corporate event, and continue with the management of sustainable events, the organisation of an accessible event, and the organisation of multicultural events. We do not forget the corporate events with our pets, new concepts such as bleisure and special care for all delegates with specific culinary requirements.

Are you ready to face these challenges? The future is already here and we must be ready to face it.

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If you are planning an event or have any MICE enquiry for Andalusia or the South of Spain, bear in mind Spain is a world power in corporate events’ organisationMeridional Events, your local DMC, will be delighted to help, do not hesitate to contact us.

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