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It does not really matter where we are – either sitting at home, at work, in a conference on the other side of the world, or in the recently held national congress of business travel. When lunchtime comes, all we can think about is food. Good food and healthier food, if possible. The feeling of filling an empty stomach after a busy meeting, a 4-hour flight or a whole day organising an important event is second to none.

A recent study showed food was the second thing visitors remembered the most when thinking about Andalusia

Andalusia is known for many things: a high-quality lifestyle, its glorious weather but, above all, its gastronomy. Spaniards, in general, are obsessed with food. You could be having lunch with a bunch of Spanish and the topic could easily be the food itself. Or what they will eat afterwards, or what they wish they were eating. Therefore, food plays a very important role in the Andalusian society, where eating out is almost a must.

A recent study showed food was the second thing visitors remembered the most when thinking about Andalusia. There are so many options available: from Michelin Starred Restaurants (16 in Andalusia) to wine cellars, where you could sample the best cold meats and wines, to beach restaurants where you could eat the freshest fish and seafood, there is an option for every single visitor.

Following the new trends, healthy food is, of course, present. We cannot forget the fact that, according to a study by Columbia University, Business Travellers are likely to have poorer health and a higher BMI, due to their food choices. Nowadays, hotel chains, catering companies and all gastronomic agents involved in MICE and corporate tourism are well aware of this and offer healthy choices throughout: from smoothies to chia seeds for breakfast to sugar-free coffee breaks, all has been taken care of.

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Update 27/11/18: Michelin guide rewards Andalusian cuisine with 18 stars
Update 12/02/19: Catering for special diets in your MICE or Corporate Event in Spain
Update 17/03/20: Eating habits when working from home

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