What is incentive travel?

what is incentive travel


Business and leisure, the best of both worlds. An incentive event, incentive trip or incentive travel aims to create unforgettable memories for the team and managers by combining business sessions (meetings, workshops, seminars) and leisure, mainly with team-building activities and other relaxing activities.

It is mainly done abroad, as a way to reward employees for their performance and to show them they are part of the company. It is a fantastic option that could strengthen team bonds, merge new teams and increase the employees’ engagement with the company.

Keep reading to discover how to organise an incentive trip!

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How to organise an incentive trip?

Once you know what is incentive travel, do you know what steps does Meridional Events follow to create a unique, tailor-made incentive trip that suits all your needs?

  1. Gathering information for your incentive event
  2. Designing your incentive
  3. Before the incentive travel
  4. The incentive trip
  5. After the group incentive
  6. Feedback


Gathering information for your incentive event

Once you contact us, we start setting the objectives of your incentive trip. How many people will attend? How many days will it take? Any preference when it comes to a destination? What services would you need on top of accommodation and transport? Are you planning any other activity around it?

A team-building activity, a gala dinner or a relaxing spa evening could be part of your incentive trip. You could also visit the city accompanied by a tour guide or go to a trendy venue where you can enjoy our delicious Andalusian gastronomy.

Designing your incentive

We have now set up all your requirements and budget. It is time for us to start designing your trip by looking for the most suitable providers according to your needs. Whether you are looking for a German or French speaking guide to take you around, a hotel equipped with the latest technology or a restaurant that only uses local production, we have you covered.

Meridional Events offers honest, professional and unbiased solutions according to your requirements where you have the last word.

We always present a detailed itinerary with several options and different possibilities to choose from, with descriptions and pictures to give you an idea of what you would get once you are here. Now is the time for you to think about what options you like the most and make the final decision.

Before the incentive travel

Once the trip is defined and the options are chosen, at Meridional Events we start working on your incentive trip with the utmost diligence to ensure we deliver our services to the highest standards. We start booking all the agreed services and take care of all the logistics involved. To name but a few:

These are just some examples of the many people involved in a single incentive trip. Not to mention the number of companies that offer similar services, how to choose the right one? 

Now imagine having to coordinate all of them when you are thousands of kilometres away and do not speak their local language. Daunting? It could be, but it does not have to if you leave it in our hands!

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The incentive trip

The day has finally come. A bit of excitement starts running through your body when you start packing and imagining yourself sipping a cocktail on that rooftop terrace the hotel offers after a day full of business meetings.

20 degrees in February? How is that even possible? It is in Andalusia! Get those flip flops off the bottom drawer. Team building activities as part of the incentive trip? It is about time to do some physical activity with your peers! Gala dinner at a fancy venue? Suit up! The possibilities are endless

To start with, we offer 24/7 on-venue support during your incentive trip. We know things will run smoothly but just for your peace of mind, we will be there from the minute you land until we wave you goodbye ensuring you leave with unforgettable memories. 

After the group incentive

You go back to the office thinking about your experience in the South of Spain and how worthy was to get a team of professionals like Meridional Events to organise your incentive trip. Your employees feel appreciated and positive. They have built relationships within the team that would have never happened inside those four walls. You perceive two immediate benefits:

1) The productivity of your company grows because your employees perform better.

2) Your employees are more loyal to your company because now they know you care. Your employee retention grows, cutting your costs in headhunters/agencies and HR, as well as those costs associated with getting new staff (training, corporate culture, etc.).


We always appreciate your honest feedback. At the end of the day, we are here to make your life easier and your opinion is what matters the most to us.

Ready for your next year’s incentive trip? We definitely are! Check our catalogue of destinations and types of incentives for more information, or contact us:

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