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At Meridional Events, we recently told you how to organise a successful business meeting. Now, we think it is a great opportunity to reimagine the upcoming business meetings for the near future.

For the last months, we all have suffered disruptions in our working spaces, resulting in many people working remotely. This situation has evolved into many questions, including the following:

  1. Will we go back to our offices as we were used to?
  2. Will we still be able to have our business meetings from home?
  3. What will happen with the office buildings?
  4. What are the benefits of organising business meetings out of the office for employees and employers?
  5. Are we moving towards a mixed model of home and office work?

Keep reading to know how the upcoming business meetings will look like.

Going back to the workplace

Like everything in life, deciding what is best, if working at the office or working from home, has pros and cons.

  • Pros:
    • you save precious time and money in commuting, and
    • you are more relaxed because of the lack of commuting and working from home.
  • Cons:
    • you miss out on spontaneous conversations that create trust and unplanned moments of collaboration which are as productive as hours in front of the computer,
    • you do not feel connected to your peers, even if now you are more connected than ever, and
    • it is easy to lose focus and motivation.

Will we still have our business meetings from home? 

Theoretically, we could. It is what we have been doing for over a year now. The question is, has this worked because we knew it was temporary? Would it work for the long term? 

Maybe we could find a system where some of these business meetings could happen while we are working from home; whereas others, such as monthly or quarterly meetings, are held in person. They could serve to meet the whole team or department and be sure that everyone is on the same page while feeling part of a group. Find out more types of business meetings in our dedicated section.

The South of Spain offers many locations to host your business meeting, being a place where the sun always shines, there is a rich culture and delicious gastronomy.

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What will happen with the office buildings?

Companies could have part of the team working remotely and part of the team in the office and meet just when necessary. By doing this, companies can maximise their office spaces with hot desk policies, where not all the employees need to be at the same time at the office.

By making working spaces more flexible, companies could benefit from cutting costs in rental spaces and being more attractive for that talent that is not willing to move to a big city.

These meetings organised out of the regular office set up are an outstanding opportunity for your employees to strengthen their relationship and create bonds that would never do in an office environment. After working from home for such a long time, it is time to get out and enjoy the weather, the gastronomy and the culture of Andalusia.

Benefits of organising business meetings out of the office  

Networking is a great benefit of organising business meetings out of the office. Employees are used to working with a few colleagues, but how do they cope with people from other offices and even different cultural backgrounds? Put people from different paths of life together and you will be positively surprised with the outcome.

Business meetings hosted far from the working space promote creativity and new ideas. If your team has been struggling to come up with a new product or process, setting them in a whole different scenario will make them think out the box and inspire some new ideas. 

Variety is another benefit associated with business meetings abroad. When was the last time your team could bond out of the four office walls? By organising your business meeting abroad, you can fascinate and excite your team with the prospective travel. Getting to know a different culture, gastronomy or music will set the team in the right mood for the challenges ahead.

Let your company put a step forward towards meeting the 6 human needs and benefit from caring for your staff.

Moving towards a mixed model of home and office work

It looks like the upcoming business meetings will follow the current working trend, that is to put the best of both worlds together. Work from home regularly and meet personally for business meetings now and then. 

By launching these meetings in different scenarios, you will have faithful, motivated employees that will be looking forward to their next business meeting. Is there anything better than working in something you love and being able to do it so in an outstanding place such as Andalusia?

Organising your business meetings abroad is a win-win situation for employers and employees alike and Meridional Events is your best solution to assist you with the organisation of them.

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