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Are you planning your next corporate event in Andalusia but not looking forward to sitting on a plane for 3 hours? Are you unsure if there are any safe flights to corporate events? The answer is an absolute yes, you can enjoy safe flights to corporate events.

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Flying is safe. Not only in terms of the extremely low rate of accidents compared to any other means of transport. But also during uncertain times like this.

The transmission risk of any respiratory virus in a modern aircraft is low for several reasons:

  • all passengers are seated facing forward, thus in the same direction and seatbacks act as natural barriers,
  • the air flows from top to bottom throughout HEPA filters, and
  • the air is also clean because it comes from the outside and is not so polluted as ground level.

HEPA filters

These filters have been used in operating theatres, hospitals and aircraft for many years as they clean 99.993% of virus and bacteria that live in the air. Being on board is as safe as being in the middle of the forest when it comes to clean, pure, filtered air. 

Cabin air is refreshed up to 30 times every hour. That is clean, purified air enters the whole cabin every 2-3 minutes. In any office building, this happens about three times per hour, so once every 20 minutes. 

Top to bottom airflow 

The airflow direction in an aircraft is from top to bottom. Do you remember those air racks that you can open or close to get more or less air located just above your head? Just before it comes out, the HEPA filters have done their magic as it pushes clean, purified air for you to breathe it, 99.993% virus and bacteria-free. That sounds great, but if a person is contaminated, could he spread it all over? Given face masks are mandatory for everyone, it would be extremely unlikely. 

Evidence confirms this data. Just think about the number of people flying every day and the chances of any of them being sick (knowing or unknowing it). The fact that thousands of pilots and cabin crew are flying healthily is the best proof that these filters do work by keeping the cabin clean and fresh. My personal experience working in aviation can only confirm this. 

Summing up, flying to your next corporate event is as safe as going to your office.

Watch this video from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) for more information: 

If you wish to organise your next corporate event or incentive trip to Andalusia, do contact us, we will be happy to arrange everything for you. Sunny and warm Andalusia is ready to host your corporate events both indoors or outdoors all year round. Be ready to enjoy while Meridional Events takes care of the organisational side of your event.

Remember that Andalusia is constantly working to be a safe destination, as has been doing since day one, for both visitors and residents alike. One of the latest measures was to launch Covid-19 free insurance aimed to cover all international travellers visiting Andalusia in 2021.

Flying is safe, so is meeting your work colleagues as long as we keep certain measures in place so do not let anyone discourage you from flying or attending an event.

We are looking forward to seeing you again very soon!

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