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When you own or manage a company, there are several things you need to consider. Clients, suppliers and providers are crucial for a company, but it is the workforce that allows a company to exist.

Managing a team can be challenging and, sometimes, even more difficult than dealing with clients. Teams that work under a lot of pressure or stress can develop toxic relationships if arguments or differences are not dealt with properly. Some managers will choose to ignore the problem, unwittingly worsening the situation.

Consider including a Conflict Resolution workshop as part of your meeting or incentive event.


What to do when a problem arises?

If a problem appears or is detected, it needs to be handled. Ignoring, avoiding conflict or supporting one of the parts can only lead to future issues in the workplace that can revert in permanent damage, even affecting our corporate image with our clients or stakeholders. Also, the colleagues are affected by these conflicts, that threaten the values and positive culture of any organisation.

The role of a manager is to mediate, not to judge or take sides. It is almost impossible for a third person to know what caused the friction since both parts will take it to their side. Compromise on both sides is key to resolve all possible issues and support from the management is also needed – there might be internal changes to do or apply to resolve the dispute.


Conflict resolution from a managerial perspective

Here, in Meridional Events, we think of conflict resolution as part of a business event. It’s important to know how to deal with conflict, how to mediate and also get to know the soft skills that will make a great manager of you. Along with an expert team of coaches and key speakers, you will be prepared for that very moment the second it will happen, allowing you to take action before the situation is deep-rooted.

These workshops can be added as part of your meeting or incentive event, or mainly focus on problem-solving in the workplace. Just let us know your needs, and we will create a tailor-made programme for you or your clients.

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