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Cordoba, Roman bridge and Mosque Cathedral at night


Cordoba: History, Culture & Traditions

The city of Cordoba was founded by the Romans, but it was not until the Umayyad (929 – 1031 AD) rule that the city bloomed and became the capital of the Caliphate of Cordoba. During one hundred years, the city became prosperous and was a worldly cultural hub. Over 70 libraries, a university and translating schools were built, as well as Medina Azahara.

Thanks to its rich past, the city boasts impressive monuments belonging to different cultures and civilisations, being the Mosque-Cathedral the main attraction of the city and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Other important monuments include the Roman bridge of Cordoba, the Alcazar and the Jewish quarter of the city. Cordoba has the second largest Old Town in Europe and is the only city worldwide with 4 monuments part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list. These monuments are the Mosque-Cathedral, the Old Town of Cordoba and the Medina Azahara palace-city, as well as the Patios Festival, considered an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

Cordoba, amongst other things, is famous for its Patios festival, where its magnificent courtyards are the main focus. But the city is also known for its Easter celebrations, for its superb gastronomy and for its jewellery industry, in place since the 16th century.

Cordoba, a MICE destination

MICE & Corporate events in Cordoba

We find a wide variety of spaces suitable for meetings and events at the city of Cordoba, where we can highlight hotels, the Conference Centre and unusual venues.

In Cordoba, there are 14 4* and 5* hotels, adding more than 1500 available rooms, with a meeting capacity for up to 550 attendees.

The city’s Conference Centre has just been refurbished with the latest technology and can welcome up to 760 attendees. Also, there are other unusual venues, such as wine cellars, palaces, castles, country houses, theatres or the city’s Jewelry industrial Park, that can welcome exhibitions and trade shows for up to 4,000 guests.

Incentive travel in Cordoba

There are several Natural Parks and fantastic outdoors very close to the city of Cordoba, which are ideal for all kind of incentive groups.  The open-air list of activities is endless, including city challenges and city tours where you will discover the city and its Roman, Moorish, Jewish and Christian heritage.

Only 45 minutes away from the city of Cordoba, we find the town of Montilla, where the Pedro Ximenez grapes are widely grown. In Montilla, there are 12 wine cellars, where you will discover the fantastic Montilla-Moriles wines – mainly sweet dessert wines.

Special interest groups in Cordoba

The special interest groups will find a lot of activities to do while in Cordoba. The city of Cordoba is a great choice for art and history enthusiasts. The result of being a melting pot can be fully appreciated in the city’s architecture and monuments. You can do a tour through history without leaving the city. A visit to the Mosque-Cathedral and Medina Azahara, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites, is a complete must, as well as a visit to the Jewish Quarter, the best kept in Spain.

If you enjoy gastronomy, you are in luck. Cordoba is one of the food capitals of Spain and it is always a pleasure to wander from bar to bar and sample some of Cordoba’s delicatessens: salmorejo, oxtail, flamenquines, Valle de Los Pedroches Iberian Ham or the Montilla-Moriles wine. There are two Michelin-starred restaurants in Cordoba, with a total of three Michelin stars.

Cordoba is also an important jewellery centre since the 16th century, although remains from the silversmithing activity during Prehistory have been found. Its impressive Jewelry Industrial Park is home to over 200 business, that represent 60% of the total of jewellery production in Spain.

Team building in Cordoba

As we mentioned before, there are plenty of team building opportunities in Cordoba, thanks to its great outdoors. Active tourism is very popular in the area, and activities with bikes, horses or even skydiving can be organised. There are plenty of venues that can be hired for the exclusive use of the group and where activities and gastronomy or flamenco masterclasses can be organised, followed by a typical meal.

Golf in Cordoba

Even the golf fans will find its place in Cordoba, where we find two golf courses. One of them is located right outside the city centre, whereas the other one is located in Pozoblanco, one hour away from the city.

We are sure these golf courses are much appreciated by business travellers that wish to play a round or two after a busy working day.

As you can see, Cordoba has everything you need for all MICE and corporate events. Getting here has never been easier – the high-speed train links Cordoba to Madrid in 1 hour and 45 minutes and Cordoba to Malaga in just 1 hour. The city and its surroundings are perfect for all events you could think of and we are looking forward to welcoming you to this magic city.

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