Cordoba, a UNESCO city

Medina Azahara, Cordoba


Andalusia adds another monument to the UNESCO World Heritage Site list (WHS), making Medina Azahara number 13, while Cordoba gets its 4th UNESCO recognition.

The city of Cordoba is the only one in the world with four UNESCO World Heritage Sites – the Mosque-Cathedral, the historic centre, the Patios festival and Medina Azahara

Medina Azahara is located right outside the city of Cordoba and was built in 940 by the 1st Umayyad Caliph of Cordoba, Abd-ar-Rahman III, to show his strength and power. The palace-city included a mosque, offices, residences, baths and gardens. Only an approximate 10% of the city is visible, the rest is still buried.

With this great addition, the city of Cordoba is the only one in the world with four UNESCO World Heritage Sites – the Mosque-Cathedral, the historic centre, the Patios festival and now, Medina Azahara. Cordoba is a beautiful town where historically all faiths have lived peacefully, Christians, Muslims and Jews, and has the second-largest Old Town in Europe, a great combination of all cultures that have settled in the city.

If this sounds appealing, you should also know the city is about to re-open its Congress and Conference Centre, after a 3-year renovation. It includes a plenary room, three meeting rooms and a total capacity of 915 seats, for now, since a second phase is also scheduled and will increase its seat capacity to 1,531, being able to host all kinds of MICE enquiries.

Cordoba is reachable in less than 2 hours from Malaga Airport, only an hour by train and has a sound hotel infrastructure, with 5* and 4* hotels, with a total capacity just shy of 8,000 beds.

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The World Heritage Committee has inscribed this morning the Caliphate City of Medina Azahara (Spain) on the World Heritage List. Had you ever heard of this place? Let us explain you a bit more about it! The Caliphate city of Medina Azahara is an archaeological site of a city built in the mid-10th century CE by the Umayyad dynasty as the seat of the Caliphate of Cordoba. After prospering for several years, it was laid to waste during the civil war that put an end to the Caliphate in 1009-10. The remains of the city were forgotten for almost 1,000 years until their rediscovery in the early 20th century. This complete urban ensemble features infrastructure such as roads, bridges, water systems, buildings, decorative elements and everyday objects. It provides in-depth knowledge of the now vanished Western Islamic civilization of Al-Andalus, at the height of its splendour. #WorldHeritage #Heritage #Culture #Spain #MedinaAzahara #Córdoba #unite4heritage #History #Umayyad #AlAndalus #Archaeology #42whc #UNESCO

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