Andalusia keeps growing its MICE sector

Andalusia keeps growing its MICE sector in 2021. Whether it is by improving our hotels or welcoming passengers from new destinations, we strive to offer you the best possibilities

Hotels and resorts to be upgraded in Andalusia 

Properties, hotels and resorts finally have the green light to be upgraded as a new law will help hoteliers by offering incentives to upgrade properties and resorts.

This law, approved by Andalusia’s Regional Government in July, aims to support the tourism sector by promoting the modernisation of establishments, increasing their potential and helping them to adapt to new requirements and trends. With a duration of three years, this will give hoteliers enough time to plan and request all the necessary permits. 

An estimated investment of 2.000 million Euros is expected, along with more than 7.000 new jobs that will be created. It will give the region a boost, making it more competitive and modern. 

Current situation of hotels in Andalusia

More than 30 million tourists arrive in Andalusia from every corner of the world every year. Whether they are here for holidays or working purposes, this has a great impact on the region. 

On the one hand, the average age of hotels is rather high and although renovations are taking place continuously, space restrictions do not allow to increase capacity or to introduce some specific improvements. On the other hand, the number of high category establishments is not as high as we would like, despite the high number of MICE hotels. A huge investment is required to refurbish the already existing buildings, offer more services and make them more competitive and luxurious

The MICE sector plays an important role in all of this. More and more conferences and conventions are taking place each year in Andalusia. This means that we need to have the most updated, state of the art hotels if we want to stay competitive. This requires help from the government with laws that allow the hospitality sector to do it, such as this one and investment from the private sector, which finally is here to help Andalusia keep growing its MICE sector in the coming years.

New flights to be better connected with Andalusia

New routes and flights have also been announced recently. Seville continues to grow its international flights, keeping connections to many European cities with up to 65 different destinations and adding new routes, such as Alghero, Palermo and Menorca.

Malaga airport is also welcoming new routes, being the most remarkable ones the new connection with Abu Dhabi operated by Etihad Airways and the flight from Doha operated by Qatar Airways, both recently started this summer. By now, it will be seasonal; however, if the routes are as successful as expected, they could continue throughout the year. 

Flying to Andalusia has never been so easy. In just a few hours, you can land in one of our international airports. Fly in and start enjoying everything we have to offer in Andalusia, from gastronomy to culture, traditions, nature, and many other key elements to your enjoyment.

Andalusia is getting ready for the next big step, which is corporate tourism; MICE tourism. And Meridional Events is ensuring we offer Andalusia at its best. Traditionally, Andalusia has always been a summer holiday destination, but luckily and thanks to the sum of many initiatives, things are changing quickly. Bigger, better-prepared and more suitable hotels are being built, with all the requirements to launch a conference or an event. From worldwide known chefs to designer decoration we can offer the best combination of tradition and modern facilities.

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