Astronomical tourism in Andalusia

Andalusia, an astronomical destination

Andalusian skies are a true gem for astronomy enthusiasts and astronomical tourism. Since 2014, Andalusia belongs to the Starlight Foundation, a legal entity belonging to the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands and in partnership with the UNESCO, whose primary purpose is the promotion of the star watching and the night sky (not to be confused with the Starlite concerts and Gala that take place in Marbella every summer!).

Andalusia is the most Starlight-certified region in the world (67), where star watching is a true wonder

Andalusia prides itself on being the most Starlight-certified region in the world, with over 67 towns, along with some mountain ranges -including Sierra Nevada, being part of a select group of destinations all over the world where star watching is a true wonder. Although astronomy is an ancient science, that started with the early civilizations, astronomical tourism has not fully developed until only a few decades ago, with the arrival of amateur astronomy. Nowadays, you do not need to be an expert to admire and discover the sky -there are many useful tools to guide you through this journey.

Telescopes are the simplest but most effective way to find stars, although apps are quickly growing in popularity, too. These apps allow users to locate any star, constellation or object in the sky, however, some people use them as a way to align and point the telescopes in the right direction, detrimental to the use of star charts.

Astronomical activities for special interest groups in the South of Spain

However, nothing beats an expert eye. In Andalusia, it is possible to organise countless astronomical activities for different kind of groups, regardless of the level of expertise or interest of the group -it could range from a night activity as part of an incentive or corporate group, to a full itinerary through Andalusia for those interested in astronomic tourism or any other special interest group. Simply let us know what you’d like and we will be happy to organise the perfect star-watching event for you.

Meridional Events is your perfect partner for any MICE or Corporate Event in Andalusia or the South of Spain. We are local experts, with extensive knowledge and proven international experience. Let us know what you need and we will be delighted to help you organise your meetings, golf trips, conferences, incentive tours or special interest groups. We are here for you.

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