Wine tasting in a wine cellar in Cadiz

The Infantes Orleans Borbon Bodega in Sanlucar de Barrameda visit and wine tasting is the second part of the “Golf and Wine. The perfect pairing” experience. This wine tasting in a wine cellar in Cadiz follows the Golf Academy Experience in Cadiz that we detailed in our last post.

Surrounded by history, aromas and ideas for food pairing options, we fully savoured this exceptional encounter. During our visit, we did a tour around the palace where the wine cellar lies, followed by the tasting of some of their wines. We also got to know a bit more about the family who founded this wine cellar.

The visit started with Juan M. Sánchez explained to us the Orleans-Borbon Palace history. It was in the early 20th century when the stables of the palace were refurbished to accommodate the Infantes de Orleans Borbon Wine Cellar. What is was the former stable, today hosts a collection of the finest wines of the region.

These wines of Sanlucar de Barrameda are so characteristic that they have their own Protected Designation of Origin (PDO, but also known in Spanish as DOP or Denominación de Origen Protegida), an EU geographical indication ruled by a regulatory board to control that they meet all the PDO specifications.

These PDO regulations define how the wine has to be produced, from the type of grapes to the area where the grapes can grow. The grapes need to grow around Sanlucar de Barrameda you can only use the permitted varietals, obtain the alcoholic strength and also have to follow certain standards of production.

Manzanilla of Sanlucar was considered one more of the many Sherry wines produced in the area of Jerez de la Frontera. However, since 1964 and thanks to the high humidity from the Atlantic Ocean, it has its own name and recognition. Manzanilla differs from Sherry in its flavour, more delicate, and aged for 5 years.

While we were listening to it, we could enjoy the fresh atmosphere and that incredible smell of wine. We could also see first-hand how nature creates its magic to produce this type of wine.

Bodega Los Infantes - Sacristy
Bodega Los Infantes Orleans Borbon – Sacristy

After the first part of the visit, the historical side, we moved to the next space, just across the main courtyard. The sacristy -the area where the most valuable wines are kept or those that are consumed by the owner family, is beautifully decorated with a typical table and chairs surrounded by wine barrels. Next to the sacristy, the left side of this room boasts many barrels from top to bottom. It was next to the barrels where we tasted their different wines and we appreciated the distinct aromas, colours and flavours.

By the time we knew it, this wine tasting in a wine cellar in Cadiz was over and the transport was ready to take us back to the Golf Club, the starting point of this “Golf and Wine. The perfect pairing” experience. An absolutely pleasant experience that we can only recommend since these two activities together are an exceptional match.

This golf and wine experience is a great option for your corporate events or the final touch for an unforgettable incentive event in Southern Spain. Combining sports and nature by enjoying a golf academy masterclass in the morning, followed by a cultural and gastronomical visit to a bodega and wine tasting in the afternoon, will delight the most avid traveller.

On top of this experience, Meridional Events offers wine tourism experiences in Andalusia, where you can discover the secrets of wines such as Sherry, Pedro Ximenez (PX), Montilla-Moriles, sweet Malaga wine and many others. Contact us for further details!

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