What is team building?

what is team building


Team building is one of the most popular corporate events. It works wonders for team bonding, merging teams, as an icebreaker, to boost employees’ engagement with the company. It is a great way to spend time together in a non-working environment, where the aim is to achieve a common goal. Whether as part of an incentive trip or an entire weekend filled with a combination of ventures, it is becoming a trend. So, what is team building? Team building is key to the success of a company as team building and MICE are the key to success.

The most amazing thing about team-building activities is that they are tailor-made, reflecting the values and mission of the company. From fun days out at the beach to help the environment, the sky is the limit. Olympic games, tree planting, running a cooking contest or discovering a new city doing a treasure hunt. You name it, Meridional Events delivers!

Andalusia is perfect for that, thanks to our lovely weather, that allows us to be outdoors all year round and to organise all sorts of activities under a shining sun.

Teamwork as we knew it

We are all used to work as part of a team in a work environment. Before, we did it in our offices. Lately, we had to manage through our computer screens, but it was not easy to bond with another team member when all you have in front of you is another screen and allocated time slots for business meetings. No coffee breaks together, no chit-chatting on the way to work.

Valuable and fulfilling bonding is not achievable at our daily workplace, as we have the -work mode on- and fail to see or think further than our desks.

Luckily, things are getting back to normal, so now is the perfect time to get back on track by organising a team-building trip in a sunny, culturally and gastronomically rich destination, such as Andalusia.

Benefits of organising a team building event 

First of all, getting out of your comfort zone. By being in a new environment, creativity arises and everyone is at ease. By feeling more relaxed, motivation grows, so does the -belong to- feeling, which is very beneficial for companies and individuals alike. 

A teambuilding activity is one of those occasions when employees and employers agree everyone gets benefited.

What are the benefits of teambuilding for your company?

Your company can benefit from developing team building activities in many ways. 

Recognising the full potential of our employees could be a daunting task. Getting to know the employees a bit more, see them in a different light, means we are using the full potential of each team member.

Everyone has a role within the organisation, sometimes this is given by the qualifications, experience or just by the company needs. That does not mean employees can only do that or that they are the best at it. We all have skills that we have never used or we do not even know we have them. Most likely, some employees are underdeveloping in one area, whereas achieving something in another is a chore.

By taking them out of the comfort zone, letting them be themselves in a controlled, fun and relaxed environment, you will get to know them better. By ensuring positions suit employees skills and personality results in a more fulfilled, motivated and happier workforce.

You, as a company, will be able to use your most important resource wisely just by getting to your employees better.

What are the benefits of teambuilding for the employees? 

The employees of your company can benefit from teambuilding activities in several ways. Team bonding, fun activities, innovation, creativity, genuine connections and deeper understanding, to name but a few. 

As humans, we need contact with others, need to feel we are part of something bigger, need to belong. Remember that significance and connection are two of the six human needs that we help you meet at Meridional Events.

Networking and socialising cannot be reduced to screens and scheduled meetings with no time to get to know each other. It is about building trust and create connections. It is now time to go back to our routines of talking face to face and meeting in person.

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Do not hesitate to contact us to organise team building in Spain. Find out more about teambuilding activities on our dedicated space for team building.

We will be happy to assist you in organising a memorable teambuilding experience!

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