Corporate events in Andalusia: there is no small joy

happy people, there is no small joy


At Meridional Events, we are ready to manage your corporate events in Andalusia; there is no small joy at the time to celebrate any MICE event. After the last uncertain times, there is no need to wait for something big to happen. We believe that now is the right time to celebrate every little thing, from new business opportunities to have a chance to meet with all your office again.

There is no small joy. With these smart words, the Andalusian Tourism Board and Antonio Banderas, our most international actor, have launched the first of a series of ads that form Andalusia’s latest advertisement campaign.

At Meridional Events, we aim to combine them both. Your tailor-made corporate event is the next big thing to look forward to. At the same time, this corporate event will be full of small moments of joy that will make your event a wholly unforgettable experience.

The motto “There is no small joy” has been carefully selected to celebrate the small things in life. Deliciously healthy food, endless beaches, culturally rich buildings or stunning natural parks are all part of Andalusia’s everyday life. They can and should be savoured on every trip. Whether you are here for your corporate event or on holiday, Andalusia has plenty to offer.

Antonio Banderas is the voice that narrates the story with music that invites us to relax in the background and flamenco dancers. It is all combined with stunning images of food, monuments, landscapes and popular traditions. The ad travels throughout Andalucia, impressing and transferring a confident, vital and engaging message.

Everything should be cheered and celebrated, from small things such as a stroll on the beach after a day full of business meetings to delightful food prepared by one of the many well-known chefs that are all over Andalusia. There is no need to choose between the next big thing and small pieces of joy when you can have them both.

The campaign is a series of different short films that constitute small stories. It will be broadcasted until 2023, and many personalities will be part of it, being the first one Antonio Banderas.

Each ad is devoted to a different topic from the many Andalusia has to offer, such as interior tourism, culture, gastronomy, meetings and congresses or golf. Meridional Events is a specialist of all of them, being able to combine them to offer you a unique, memorable experience. The presence of images of the eight provinces adds an elegant, modern and seductive visual concept.

Everyone needs the joy of Andalucia. We create emotions and lifelong memories that invite anyone who visits us to repeat the experience. Andalusia has a modern, renewed image that combines our rich traditions such as Mediterranean cuisine or flamenco music with a commitment to the environment, sustainable, modern hotels and conference centres to name but a few.

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Andalusia is an endless source of sensations, showing that unique way of life that offers anyone who visits Andalusia an unparalleled experience. Hence, Andalusia is the best place to launch your next event, and Meridional Events is your trusted professional DMC that will make your corporate event a success.

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