How does Meridional Events meet the 6 human needs?

six human needs


This week we talk about the six core human needs and how does Meridional Events meet them. What do we do to help your company create a successful event? Is it aligned with our needs as humans? No matter if you own a big or a small company. When it comes to human feelings and behaviours, we all share the same ones.   

According to several pieces of research, humans have six needs that make us feel fulfilled. But what needs are those? How do we help you to achieve them?

Investing in an employee is investing in a person who will connect with your company and work motivated and aligned with your company values.

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Local knowledge and on-event support

Let’s start with certainty. That is assurance that you will feel pleasure, safety and security. We offer you our local knowledge and on-event support.

How do we do that? By contracting Meridional Events, you reach out to a team of professionals who know each hotel, restaurant, venue or transport company personally. We only work with suppliers that meet our high standards, ensuring your event will run smoothly. 

On top of that, we are physically there, at your disposal, during the entire event, from the minute you land, until the minute you take off. You will have someone who speaks the local language and can solve any issue that may arise.

Is it not worth knowing you can rely on someone to do the hard work? In the meantime, you can enjoy your incentive travel or appreciate the delicious local food served at a Gala Dinner. You could likewise use your time to prepare your product presentation or next business meeting. 

We offer certainty. We are time and cost-saving

Exclusive access and a wide portfolio

Then comes variety. We are all a bit adventurous and need new stimuli. Given our large portfolio of suppliers, we can offer many off the road activities thanks to our exclusive access and wide portfolio.

With Meridional Events, you will experience new ventures. Let us organise your incentive and surprise your team with the beauty of that venue from the 18th century, yet fully refurbished, not available to the general public but only to a few event experts. 

Or allow us to organise a team meeting in a private villa, where you could have a bath and sip a cocktail afterwards. 

Whichever idea you have, let us know, we will help you. We love challenges and are always eager to explore new paths for our customers. 

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Tailor-made corporate travel

Significance, do you want to feel unique and valuable? Do you believe you are an individual with your very own needs? Then look no further.

At Meridional Events we only offer tailor-made corporate travel, which means we cater for your specific needs and budget and consider all your requirements. We offer catering for special diets and organise inclusive and accessible events, to name but a few. Your team has worked hard enough and deserves to feel recognised and valued. 

Team building activities 

The need for connection, that feeling of belonging to someone or something. How does Meridional Events work on it?

By organising team-building activities you build trust among your employees and towards your company. Your employees will not remember how many hours have they worked on a project. However, they will keep in mind how much fun did they have during that trip to Spain, where they got to meet that work colleague who then, became a friend. 

Investing in an employee is investing in a person who will connect with your company and work motivated and aligned with your company values. 

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Focus on your business meeting or presentation

Then growth arises. We all feel we have more capacities and capabilities, we would love to expand them. One of the basic strategies to help this growth is to focus on your business meeting or presentation.

How does Meridional Events help your company grow? By organising the perfect event, smooth, taken care of, ideal. 

As much as we would love to take care of everything ourselves, we simply cannot. When you leave the event in our hands, your company grows by focusing on your business needs, while we take care of the logistics and the organisational side of the event. We manage your event so you can focus on what is more important for your company: your employees, and your clients.

Sustainable activities and suppliers

And finally is the contribution. Defined as a sense of service to contribute towards others. By hiring Meridional Events as your local DMC, you are ensuring you contribute to our local economy while being offered sustainable activities and suppliers. We support and collaborate with small companies such as ateliers, who are happy to showcase their expertise to small groups. We organise sustainable activities, such as bike trips or plant trees, and most of our restaurants use locally produced food -km 0.

As you have seen, we provide value to your company. By hiring Meridional Events, your event is in safe hands, diverse, significative and you are contributing to our local economy. At the same time, your employees will feel connected and grow personally and professionally.

We are your win-win solution.

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