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This week, instead of our traditional written post, we have recorded a video. You will get to enjoy some spectacular views of Malaga, plus, it is nice not to read a long post but watch it, instead.

We do hope you will enjoy it, we look forward to hearing your feedback and, with any hope, you will learn a bit more about the different types of Corporate Events you can organise to add value to your business.


What is a Corporate Event?

Is an activity organised or funded by a business. This could be done to engage with their employees, clients, or stakeholders, or to reinforce their image within their industry.

There is a wide variety of corporate events – that we will see in detail, and there are many reasons behind the organisation of an event. Depending on what business owners want to achieve, we should be looking at organising different types of corporate events.

Some of the most common purposes that businesses and business owners want to achieve is to create bonds between employees, educate them on a specific matter, provide a targeted audience with relevant information, raise awareness on a specific subject, for example.

Some important aspects to bear in mind when organising a corporate event is to take everyone into account. But do you know how to organise a multicultural event? And, furthermore, do you know how to organise an accessible event?

Sustainability plays a crucial role in all our events. Did you know you could incorporate Corporate Social Responsibility in all your events and projects? In Meridional Events, we have a strong commitment to the environment and work with suppliers that respect the sustainability principles.

A few weeks ago, we interviewed a sustainability expert and talked about sustainable events and having a positive impact on the environment.

As you can see, there is a different corporate event to suit everyone’s needs. Let’s look a bit more in detail about some of the most common types of corporate events.


What is an Incentive?

Business and leisure. The best of both worlds. An incentive event, incentive trip or incentive travel aims to create unforgettable memories for the team and managers, by combining business sessions (meetings, workshops, seminars) and leisure, mainly with team-building activities and other relaxing activities.

It is mainly done abroad, also as a way to reward employees for their performance and to show they are part of the company. It is a fantastic option to strengthen team bonds, to merge two new teams and also to increase the employees’ engagement with the company.

We help you organise the best incentives in Spain, just get in touch with us. Find out more about incentives and possible locations on our website.


What is a Business Meeting?

Meetings are part of any business – whether it is a board meeting, a staff meeting, an annual meeting, or a department meeting.

Although sometimes organised onsite, there are more and more companies who choose to organise their business meetings outside their premises. Why? It helps to be on a neutral zone, especially if discussing delicate matters such as negotiations or a conflict resolution. Also, many companies do not have a dedicated space with an audio-visual system or able to host more than 5 or 6 people.

Meetings can be upgraded with a business coach, a speaker on a specific matter (without being as formal as a conference); and even serve as an opportunity to improve their soft or hard skills if some training is included.

Sounds interesting? Get in touch with us today to organise your business meetings in Spain, or alternatively, find out more information about business meetings and possible locations on our website.


What is Team Building?

One of the most popular corporate events. It works wonders for team bonding, merging teams, as an icebreaker, to boost employees’ engagement with the company and it is a great way to spend time together in a non-working environment. Team building is key to the success of a company.

The most amazing thing about team-building activities is that they are tailor-made, reflecting the values and mission of the company. From fun days out at the beach to help the environment, the sky is the limit. Olympic games, tree planting, running a cooking contest or discovering a new city with a treasure hunt… You name it, we deliver!

Andalusia is perfect for that, thanks to our lovely weather, that allows us to be outdoors all year round and to organise all sorts of activities under a shining sun.

Do not hesitate to contact us to organise team building activities in Spain. Find out more about team building on our website.


What is a Trade Show?

A Trade Show is an exhibition where the businesses of a particular trade promote their products or services to other trade members or the general public. They normally take place in large venues, such as conference centres, stadiums, and venues able to host thousands of people.

They are a great event to engage with new customers and key players in your industry.

Attendees are mainly decision-makers, so you can gain priceless visibility and brand awareness. Networking is one of the strengths of this kind of events, and you can establish a long-lasting relationship with future customers or consolidate existing relations.

Let us help you with the organisation of your next trade show in Spain. Get in touch with us for further information.


What is a Product Launch?

Make sure everyone in town is aware of your new product or service. How? By organising a product launch.

It could be an internal meeting to let your team know about upcoming products or features or a big party to generate interest and hype over a product or a shop opening.

Product launches are meant to impact on consumers and prospects – it’s them you should target with your event. The venue, catering, decoration, introduction from the company management team and a gift bag with samples to take home are some of the things that need to be taken into account for a successful event.

Get in touch with us and we will assist with your product launches in Spain.


What is a Gala Dinner?

Raise money for charity, celebrate a company milestone, as a way to conclude a bigger event, or celebrate a Christmas party – all of these reasons are valid to host a gala dinner.

Gala dinners are normally organised in elegant and fancy venues – part of its charm lays on the location, and can include an award ceremony, entertainment, speakers, and speeches. They are formal and require a dress code, however, some clients choose a dress-up gala dinner or themed dinner – it is important to surprise our guests and dare to be different, too.

Catering for special diets on an event is also extremely important. All guests should be able to experience the same level of quality, regardless of their food choices.

Do you need to plan a gala dinner in Spain? Contact us and let us help you.


What is a Charity Event?

A Charity Event is designed to raise awareness and funds for a specific cause. Charity events are the most powerful fundraising channel there is.

When you organise a charity event, the cause is the most important aspect. Guests should be able to identify why and for who you are raising money. Make sure your mission is very clear, from the very beginning, in order to generate interest – and therefore, more money for your cause. It is, then, crucial to choose a charitable cause and organisation that people would relate to.

Depending on your budget (remember that it costs money to organise a charity event), you could opt for one type of charity event or other. It could be a casino night, a high-end gala, a concert (did you know that Starlite Marbella is a charity event?), or an auction; the key is to organise something that reflects the DNA of the chosen cause and it is aligned with its mission and values.

Would you like to organise a charity event in Spain? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be glad to help.


These are some examples of Corporate Events, but the list could continue with other types of events, such as seminars, golf events, conventions and retreats, to name just a few.

Have you ever thought about organising a corporate event to add value to your business? Are you planning to organise a corporate event in the foreseeable future?

Get in touch with us today and we will create a bespoke event to suit your needs in Spain.

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