Trends come and go. Looking back at the 90’s or even the 2000’s reveal what we can consider dubious choices, not only clothing wise, but also in general. However, over the last few years, there is a trend that has arrived to stay because, it needs to stay – sustainability.

It looks like the global population has suddenly realised there is no planet B and we need to do everything possible to help the environment by reducing the amount of plastics, the gas emissions and promote the reduce, reuse and recycle way of life.

There is a way we can contribute to the cause, too, by organising sustainable events and choosing hotels that adhere to this movement.

Sustainable Meetings and Events

Here you’ll find some ideas you can easily follow to start with:

  • Paperfree meetings: make the most of your electronic devices. Nowadays you can take notes with your mobile phones or tablets, there is no need to use paper.
  • Avoid plastic plates, cups and straws: by 2021, the EU will ban all these single-use plastic, so it’s now time to start using alternatives, such as compostable sugarcane plates, paper straws or recycled wood cutlery. There are lots of bars and restaurants that do not use plastic items anymore and have started moving towards less polluting alternatives.
  • Save energy: if you are in a meeting room with natural daylight, have you ever thought about turning the lights off and opening the curtains? Make the most of the sunshine (in Andalusia it’s pretty much guaranteed!) and reduce the energy waste with that simple action. Also, is there need to use heating and/or air conditioning all the time?
  • Join the Local Food Movement: is it sustainable to transport an apple for 500 kilometres? The Local Food Movement seeks to promote and connect food producers with people living in a 150 kilometres or 100 miles radius. It supports the local farmers, reduces the emission of greenhouse gases and promotes the urban agriculture. In Andalusia, we are lucky to have excellent fruits and vegetables that do not need to travel far to be enjoyed.

Sustainable Hotels

The hotels have also joined the sustainability effect – in some hotels you can choose to skip the cleaning of your room, to spare the use of chemicals and water. Others are looking for alternatives to replace the plastic from the amenities in the rooms (not an easy task, unfortunately). Most hotels do offer locally grown food on their menu, as part of the Local Food Movement.

The change, however, must start within each individual and with our daily choices – from avoiding plastic bags at the supermarket and using canvas tote bags instead, to buying fruits and vegetables in bulk.

Sustanaibility & Meridional Events

We are also committed to the environment and we take simple actions to help our planet. We do print very little to no papers, so all is done electronically, we do recycle all plastic and paper we use and our energy consumption is very low (led lights, maximising the use of natural light; SSD laptops instead of HDD ones; energy efficient devices). We also use all delivery cardboard boxes and convert them into cat toys (our office cats Pepe and Ramón are very happy).

If you are planning an event and you would like to be as sustainable as possible, get in touch with us. We will be happy to assist.

Meridional Events is your local DMC for all MICE and Corporate Events in Andalusia and the South of Spain, including Seville, Malaga, Marbella, Granada and other destinations in the Costa del Sol.